How to Care for Onyx Countertops

How to Care for Onyx Countertops

Signature Granite of Nampa, ID will tell you everything you need to know

When you need an experienced stone contractor to install new countertops for your home, call Signature Granite, LLC. We’ll install your onyx countertops correctly. Since this material requires more maintenance than limestone or travertine, you need to know how to maintain it so that it can last for as long as possible. After we’ve installed your onyx countertops, you should avoid:

  • Scratching them
  • Placing hard objects on them
  • Leaving acidic liquids near them

Our team will provide you with the stone cleaner you need to keep them in top condition. After we’ve completed your project, you’ll receive the products and knowledge you need to keep your onyx countertops looking their best.

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Why choose onyx countertops?

This material will give your home a refined, elegant look. Since this material is so rare, your property value will increase significantly. Signature Granite can outfit your home with countertops that complement and enhance the look of your home. You’ll enjoy how stunning your place looks once we’re done.

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