Discover the Classic Beauty of Marble

Discover the Classic Beauty of Marble

Contact a marble contractor for your installations in Nampa, ID

Most people associate marble with luxury due to its high cost and use in historical architecture. It’s a beautiful natural stone with a distinctive look that will likely remain popular for years to come. Signature Granite, LLC offers marble countertop installations and repairs for your commercial or residential property. Due to its expense, many people use marble to spotlight an area in their kitchen, such as an island. Call our marble contractor to learn more about installing marble in your home in Nampa, ID.

Know the pros and cons of the surface you choose

Marble is formed when limestone undergoes metamorphism into calcite or dolomite crystals when exposed to pressure and heat. There are a few characteristics you should be aware of before installing marble in your home, such as:

  • It has a porous surface that can be stained if not sealed properly
  • It is softer than other stones and can be scratched or damaged
  • It is considered a high-maintenance surface

You should weight the pros and cons before choosing the right stone for your home or office. Contact Signature Granite, LLC to speak with a marble contractor who can answer your questions.